Magnet Adhesive Plaster

ISOHOUSE MAGNETIC PLASTER is a high-performance plaster which is waterbased, fast-drying, friction resistant, not color changing, and thanks to the magnetic metal in its structure, can hang pictures, posters, etc., having magnets on theirs the backside without damaging paint. It can be hung things like pictures, posters to the wall or on a wooden surface without using a nail, tape, screw or glue. When ISOHOUSE WRITE & ERASE VARNISH is applied on to it, an awesome combination is obtained, the wall becomes both writeable&erasable and magnet stickable. It is applied by mixing with water, does not smell, does not harm human health and environmental. ISOHOUSE MAGNETIC PLASTER does not damage computer monitor, mobile phone, TV, credit card, ATM card even though it creates a magnetic field.