Grass Paint

ISOHOUSE GRASS PAINT is an organic grass coloring agent that paints completely faded and dry grass and plants in a natural green color in order to keep the lawns in high quality and constantly green. It can be produced in the desired green shades as well as in red and yellow colors. ISOHOUSE GRASS PAINT is also used to give the natural green color to sandy areas. It spreads easily on lawn surfaces, it has high adhesion strength and dries quickly in 2-3 hours. The lawns stay green in all climates for four seasons, they are not affected by the irrigation regime and rain. Because it contains no harmful chemicals, heavy metals and other fillers, it does not harm the grass and the environment. ISOHOUSE GRASS PAINT is completely water-based, environmentally-friendly, VOC-free, extremely easy to apply.


  • Water-based, nature friendly
  • Ensures high quality and always green lawns
  • Easy to use
  • Dries fast