Fire Retardant Wood Varnish

ISOHOUSE Antifire Wood Varnish is a fire resistant, water based, intumescent and transparent thin film coating used for the protection of the wooden surfaces in the interior against fire. In the outdoor applications, the Antifire Wood Varnish applied surfaces must be protected by water-based wood varnish application. Thanks to its transparent structure, when applied, it provides a surface with a highly fire-retardant performance without changing the color of the surface. If a different color is desired, a coloring agent may be applied to the surface before the application. It is nature friendly. It does not contain VOC and solvent, it is extremely simple to apply.


  • Water based, nature friendly.
  • Prevents spreading of the flames on the wooden surface.
  • With its superior fire-retardant performance, prevents the wood from being ignited immediately.
  • Slows down the speed of fire progress.
  • Does not emit toxic fumes.
  • Provides additional safety against fire in closed and risky places where people are gathered.
  • Easy to use. Can be applied with a spray / brush / roll.


· Type : Two-component, water-based
· Color : Transparent
· Density (25°C, g/mL) : 1.45 g / ml ± 0.10
· Viscosity (25 ° C, mPa.s) : 1500 – 2500
· Dust-free drying (25°C) : 18 – 24 hours
· Hard drying (25°C) : 3 days
· Through drying (25°C) : 7 days
· Temperature Time
+25°C ~45 Min.
· Minutes Mixing Ratio : 2/1 (by weight)