ISOHOUSE METALLIC FLOOR is a low-viscosity, solvent-free, self-spreading, multi-purpose indoor flooring material that provides a unique decorative appearance thanks to its two components, reflective pigments and aesthetic effects. Its application is easy, it provides a shiny metal-like surface, and it is impermeable and hygienic, and easy to clean. It is resistant to mechanical loads, abrasion and chemicals. It is suitable for all interior surfaces such as all kinds of concrete, ceramic, marble, mosaic, wood, steel, glass, etc.



• It is decorative and provides a shiny surface

• Resistant to friction, impact and abrasion

• Easy and practical to clean.

• Quick and easy to apply

• Maintenance is easy.

• High adhesion.

• Solvent free.

• Excellent penetration capability.


•Product Structure: Double component, Component A is liquid metal-like resin based. Component B is the hardener.

• Color: Metallic Floor Color Chart.

• Density (mixture): 1.08 gr/ml + 0.05

• Viscosity (Mixture): 900 cp (25 °C)

• Touch-Dry Time (20°C): 8-10 hours

• Through-dry time (20°C): 3 days

• Mixture Life (25 °C): 40 – 50 minutes

• Mixing Ratio: 3.2/1.8 (by weight)