Lithium Silicate Based Concrete Chemical Hardener
ISOHOUSE LITHIUM HARDENER is Nano Lithium Surface Treatment which penetrates via chemically reacts with concrete floors, thicken it up and protect it and it forms breathable, abrasion resistant and extremely hard, clean, intense, resistant inorganic surface layer. It is the perfect solution for concrete floors where long-term protection against heavy wear, bad use, moisture, dirt accumulation, alkaline and efflorescane (salt residue) is desired. ISOHOUSE LITHIUM HARDENER is colorless, odorless, water-based, suitable for VOC (volatile organic compounds) conditions and its use is environmentally safe. It is a single component based on lithium silicate.

IMPORTANT BENEFITS / ADVANTAGES It penetrates deeply into concrete capillaries and forms a permanent bond with the concrete via reacting with free lime. It creates a breathable, dense and wear-resistant protective surface. It creates a stronger, more impermeable, non-dusting, non-staining and deteriorating surface treatment with a better looking (satin-gloss) finish. Reduces maintenance, cleaning, and expensive repair costs. The molecular size of lithium allows for deeper penetration and more permanent protection. Insoluble / Non-expandable Lithium does not absorb water and does not cause the floor to condansate. Easy single layer application. It is not necessary to wash with water. It can be applied to fresh, new applied concrete.

· Appearance : Clean, colorless, water-based solution
· Density (25°C, g/mL) : 0.90 ± 0.10
· PH (25°C) : 11.0 – 13.0
· Depth of penetration (H, mm) : ≥ 10 CLASS II
· Drying rate for hydrophobic impregnation (H, %) : > 10 CLASS II
· Flashpoint (°C) : N / A (Not applicable)
· Slip Resistance : Does not change the friction coefficient of the floor
· Depht of Surface Penetration : 2 – 8 mm
· Drying Time : 1 – 2 Hours