Coloured Asphalt Paint
ISOHOUSEASPHALT PAINT is a decorative and protective coating that can be applied to all asphalts old or new. The pattern like brick, herringbone and bouldering can be given to asphalt by decorative press molds. The floor must be dry. If the application will be applied on an old asphalt, the surface must be washed with pressurized water and waited for drying. If there are areas required to be repaired, it must be repaired with hot asphalt before application. On the newly completed asphalt, the asphalt is applied at approximately 80°C and after the asphalt temperature is lower than 35°C, ISOHOUSE ASFALT PAINT is applied. The special asphalt coating system consists of two units: the first one is a special cement-based polymer-reinforced powder mixture (A-Component); the second is a colored, water-based modified acrylic polymer based liquid component (B-Component).
· The special cement and acrylic resin based paint adhere well to the asphalt and the colored appearance remains for years.
· Thanks to the hardener in the special cement, the asphalt surface hardens and the abrasion resistance of the asphalt increases threefold compared to normal asphalt.
· Thanks to its special paint, the asphalt maintains its durability up to -30°C to + 70°C, the joints retain their initial appearance.
· Special asphalt paint does not feel the burning heat of the asphalt because it reflects the sun’s rays.
· Thanks to special paint applied to the existing asphalt coating, it provides insulation and water insulation.
· Surface which Asphalt Paint was previously applied can be repainted with the same or different colors upon request.
· The lifetime of the coating lasts much longer than concrete and asphalt due to the polymers and natural materials in the paint